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I have always loved to draw, but I started to seriously engage in this activity in 2017. After trying various materials such as acrylic, ink, markers, I was presented with an old set of the Neva palette of 24 colors and I decided to try watercolour. After that, my life turned upside down and I fell in love with this material and decided to conquer it in my favorite ways.


After many lessons, trial and error, I finally tamed this complex material and began to find my way in the watercolour world, painting different pictures, from flowers to portraits. And somehow unexpectedly my pictures became cold and Northern.


I have always been attracted by the majestic landscapes of Scandinavia, the fishing houses on the shores of the North Seas and the inhabitants of cold waters.

In my watercolors, I try to convey the power and beauty of the most picturesque places for me. They symbolize silence and tranquility, they move consciousness to where the soul connects with nature, which for me, as an artist, is a very important factor in the development of a person.

My paintings are in private collections in the USA, Mexico, Iceland, Germany, Canada, South Korea, Poland, Vietnam, Spain, France, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Lithuania and Finland. 

"Silver Brush" Brand Ambassador

Participated in various international  exhibitions and biennials:

«Your identity through watercolor», IWS Palace Lucija, Poland, 2020 

20th International Watercolor Exhibition, online, Japan, 2020


Women in watercolor,  online, USA, 2020


The 1st International Watercolor Biennale Hamyang, South Korea, 2021

Global Art Connection Watercolour Exposition France Poland 2022 (Top 50 Recognition awards)

II International Watercolor Festival, Spain 2022

Online watercolour exhibition organised by International Master of Watercolour alliance, 2022 (TOP 200 MERIT AWARD)

The 3rd International Masters Or Watercolor Youth Alliance Contest and Online Watercolour Exhibition 2022

Worldwide International Watercolour Artwork Cultural Exchange, Melbourne Watercolour Society, Australia, 2022

1st World Watercolor Contest 2022-2023 IWS AG Santiago (Chile)

1st Festival International, Cordoba, Spain, 2023

Solo exhibition, Space, Calgary, Canada, May-June 2023

The First Qingdao International Watercolor Festival, China, August 2023

5th International Watercolour Festival Castra 2023, Slovenia, August-October 2023

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